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Handsplit & Resawn Cedar Shakes

These shakes are handsplit and resawn, then each shake is edge trimmed to give you a high quality roof. Our handsplit cedar shakes deliver a stunning roof while delivering superior quality for longevity. Handsplit shakes are great for traditional looking homes thanks to the rough look of the split face.

  • Natural beauty
  • Highly insulative
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Proven longevity

Handslit & Resawn Cedar Shake

Product Details


  • Star Lumber & Black Hawk - Premium Grade; clear heartwood, 100% edge grain
  • Star Lumber & Green River - Number 1 Grade Select; Select 2-pack, maximum 20% flat grain
  • Star Lumber & Green River - Number 1 Grade; 20% flat grain

Available Lengths

24", 18". Custom lengths available. Please call for info.


½" (medium), ¾" (heavy), 1¼", 1½" (jumbos), minimums or thicker.


Random, 4" minimum, 14" maximum.

Roof Pitch

4:12 minimum. (lower slopes require special application)

Where to Buy
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